Unpredictable Patagonia | TDA Global Cycling

UPDATED December 8, 2022 BY Guest Author IN South American Epic Nicholas Coe is the Content Creator for the 2022 South American Epic Cycling Expedition. He reports on the experience of cycling in Patagonia. After leaving Puerto Montt, our cycling lifestyle completely changed. We have had a few hurdles to jump through on our new … Read more

Is Shimano about to reinvent the rear derailleur?

There have been countless innovations to the rear derailleur over the years. These have included compatibility with an ever-increasing number of sprockets, the introduction of indexed shifting, STI levers, clutches, the addition of electronics, and the recent shift to wireless to name just a few. Despite this, the basic form has remained largely unchanged from … Read more

2023 TEAM RUMORS – The Hub – Mountain Biking Forums / Message Boards

full atherton announcement “It was a no Brainer” – Andreas Kolb and Charlie Hatton both signed up for another three years with Continental Atherton. After breakthrough World Cup seasons Andi and Charlie have confirmed that they will remain with Continental Atherton until at least January 2026. Along with the Atherton siblings the riders have been … Read more