Second Place Is Just the First Place Loser: Ohio Supreme Court Rejects State’s Sourcing of NASCAR Intangible Receipts to Ohio | Pillsbury – SeeSalt Blog

In a much-anticipated decision concerning the siting of receipts from intangibles for Ohio commercial activity tax (CAT) purposes, the Ohio Supreme Court rejected the Ohio Department of Taxation’s attempt to sit NASCAR Holdings, Inc.’s broadcast revenue, media revenue, licensing fees, and sponsorship fees to Ohio. The court’s opinion in NASCAR Holdings, Inc. v. McClain, Slip … Read more

‘George & Tammy’ pulls back the curtain on country icons | NASCAR & Racing News

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — In preparation for their upcoming series “George & Tammy,” Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain spent months learning the songs that George Jones and Tammy Wynette made famous, working with a vocal coach and making the pilgrimage to Nashville to record. “The studio we recorded at butted up against the cemetery where … Read more

Bubba Wallace on “The Biggest Challenge” Which Left NASCAR to Question Him, “’Hey, You’re Serious About This?’”

Michael Jordan co-owned NASCAR team 23XI Racing’s driver, Bubba Wallace, is almost like a celebrity in the world of NASCAR at this point. He recently mentioned how he had come up with the idea of ​​initiating a block party in his name. After several successful runs of the event, he mentioned how the whole thing … Read more