Domyos Treadmill Run100E Connected review

Decathlon is a great answer to affordable running gear, with the sports retailer releasing some big-hitters over the last few years that can easily compete with pricier kit on the market. Large training equipment like treadmills is vital for a lot of runners, but usually costs a small fortune. As the days get shorter and more runners want to exercise indoors, we test out Decathlon’s Domyos Treadmill Run100E Connected, currently selling for an impressively modest £399.99, to see if it’s worth it…

domyos treadmill

Domyos Treadmill Run100E Connected technical details

  • Size in use: L156 x W.76 x H115 cm
  • Folded dimensions: L152 x W76 x H38 cm
  • Max speed: 14km/h
  • Compatible with some third party apps as well as the Domyos app

Domyos Treadmill Run100E Connected pros

  • Very compact when folded
  • Works with Zwift
  • Great value

Domyos Treadmill Run100E Connected cons

  • Not much incline, and not adjustable from the console
  • Not ideal for super speedy runners

Who is this treadmill for?

This is a good, very affordable and supremely compact treadmill which would be suitable for more recreational walkers and runners, and those who are just beginning their running journey. It is also suited to those for whom space and cost are an issue.

Is this treadmill easy to set up?

Once it was set up the treadmill was very easy to use, but it required two people to actually assemble it. All in all it took 40 minutes or so from getting it out of the box to actually being able to use it. It is easy to fold up and store.

How much space do I need to use this treadmill?

This treadmill is relatively compact and folds up when not in use, which makes it ideal for those who are tight on space both for when it is in use, and in terms of storage. It’s worth noting that the treadmill is quite lightweight – so this makes it easy to move around and it can be stored vertically or horizontally. When it is in use it is about 160cm by 75cm, and when it is folded it is only about 40cm high.

Is this treadmill good value for money?

This treadmill is really good value for money. It is currently discounted to £399.99 on the Decathlon website and can either be delivered straight to your home or sourced via Click and Collect.

Domyos Treadmill Run100E Connected review

While it is a budget buy, the treadmill felt quite solid and didn’t rock around too much when in use. The cushioning on the belt was good. Being 45 cm wide the deck provides ample room and the belt was grippy which minimizes the risk of slipping. It isn’t noisy and so this makes it suitable for those who live in close proximity to others, and want to minimize the risk of disturbance. It also makes it easier to listen to audio when walking/running as it isn’t drowned out by the sound of the treadmill.

The console was easy to navigate and has a backlit LCD screen so it is easy to read the metrics and information. There are 30 coached programs that users can access via the console, and links to third party Apps such as Zwift. Decathlon’s heart rate monitor belt is compatible with this treadmill too.

There is a USB charging port which is a nice addition. It is easy to adjust the speed, using the console or via the remote control which is included. One issue that fast runners might want to bear in mind is that the treadmill has a maximum speed of 14mph, which might not be a problem for many walkers and runners, especially beginners, but this is well worth considering if you are a sub 3hr marathoner and need to do faster, speed work.

It is also worth noting that unfortunately you are unable to adjust the incline using the console (this can be altered manually up to an incline of 3%), and this lack of functionality may be a limitation for those who want to incorporate hill-work into their training.

Where can I buy this treadmill?

You can buy this treadmill directly from Decathlon, either in-store or via the Decathlon website.

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