Enrollment closing and my top time saving tip

I want to share one tip with you that saved me hours of clinic time.

At the end of each day, I used to create personalized exercise programs for everyone, including pictures, reps, sets and all the details. People liked them but if you’re seeing 10 or more patients a day it’s very time-consuming!

I made one change that gave me all this time back.

I asked patients to bring their phone to each session and spent a few minutes in the appointment videoing the exercise with it while talking through the specifics. They left with all the information they needed and I got to finish on time!

If you’re currently emailing exercise instructions or searching for rehab images then switch to using the patient’s phone. You can thank me later! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Your time is precious and it’s always limited with patients so we’ve put together a great one double bonus which will save you time and help you get great results when you register for Running Repairs Online.

Patient handouts

This great bonus comes with patient handouts for Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Heel Pain, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, ITBS and Patellofemoral Pain. Each handout covers the following:

  • What the injury is with a patient-friendly description of the condition
  • What may have caused the injury and how to prevent it from happening again
  • 3 clear rehab phases to achieve their goals
  • Prognosis and likely timescales
  • Clear guidance on managing pain and modifying training
  • How to improve recovery including 10 top tips on sleep

Plus there’s space to record exercises (if they prefer not to video them).

With these handouts you can talk them through their injury within a session and tell them you’ll be sending them a summary of all the key take home points afterwards. This really helps reassure the patient and gives them all the information they need to get better.

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Learning resources to save you time

You can learn at your own pace with our online course with at least a year of full access. We wanted to make learning as easy as possible so in this bonus you’ll find lots of ways to enjoy the course and quickly get to the good stuff!

This bonus is ideal if you’re pressed for time. It includes clear goals, speedy summaries and practical tips, plus audio files to listen on the go.

Zero time? Use our cheat sheets and clinical resources to streamline your assessment and free up some time

Just 5 minutes free? Perfect for an infographic with key points from each topic

15 to 20 minutes available? Why not watch some exercise videos from the course to give you new rehab ideas?

20 to 30 minutes? Perfect for watching a section from one of the modules with knowledge you can apply straight away

Free for longer? Make a cuppa and sit down to watch a full module on lower back pain, shoe selection or whatever takes your fancy!

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How Running Repairs Online will help you

Running Repairs Online will guide you from a runners first session until their last. You’ll optimize your subjective and objective assessments to identify their rehab needs and meet their goals. You’ll be able to help them understand and manage their injury successfully and send them professional handouts to summarize key points.

You’ll be up to date with the evidence for treating a host of conditions you’ll see not just in runners but in many other patients too. Our course can increase your confidence in exercise prescription and gait analysis and allow you to offer new services.“Highly recommend this course to anyone working with runners and athletes. It has generated many ideas for classes and services I want to offer in clinicโ€
Tim, course member

Enrollment for Running Repairs Online is closing soon. CLICK HERE to claim your place and access our great bonus content.

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