Eury Perez, 2023 Fantasy Outlook

First off, let’s see what Prospect Itch has said about Eury Perez previously, “Best mechanics I’ve seen from a pitcher in the 6′ 8” range. Might have the best mechanics I’ve seen from an 18-year-old (now 19), especially his ability to repeat his calm, controlled delivery. His fastball gets up above the mid-90’s already, and his changeup stops and drops like a splitter. It’s a nightmare pitch the Marlins have had success teaching a lot of their young arms (see Cabrera, Edward). His curveball is plus too, but it’s the fastball/cambio combo that gives him an inside lane on becoming the game’s top pitching prospect after Grayson Rodriguez graduates, and I want to punch Gray so bad.” All right, not cool. My one question to Itch would be about, “Best mechanics I’ve seen from a pitcher in the 6′ 8” range.” Ha, you see a lot of pitchers in that range? Randy Johnson, Chris Young, Jon Rauch and…uh…Marcus Stroman standing on a stepladder? We (I) talk a lot about Lab Babies, in regards to hitters, but a 19-year-old, six-foot, eight-inch pitcher? Is this real life or is this Vincent Adultman on the mound? Is it real life? Okay, I know you’re saying that, but I barely believe you. What if he has one more growth spurt? Can he pitch in Tampa or will his head hit the ceiling? Does MLB have a rule against putting a foul pole on the mound because I think that’s what we might have here. So, what can we expect from Eury Perez for 2023 fantasy baseball?




Hey, old friend, Geoff!

Eury Perez for 2023 fantasy baseball is going to come down to when Eury Perez debuts for the Marlins. Once he debuts, he’s going to be the top FAAB guy that week and he’s going to be a game-changer for all mixed leagues. People will start stashing Eury Perez as early as April is my guess. I reached out to Marlins people I know to get the best grasp on when Eury Perez would debut and I got a tentative June. Wanna know some numbers to make you drool a little? Okay, let’s do it: In 17 starts, he threw a 12.7 K/9 at Double-A. His command was at a 3 even, but he’s got 70-grade command, so, yeah, we could see a 12 K/9 and a 2.2 BB/9 in the majors. Ya know, just your standard run-of-the-mill ace. You can’t hit a 97 MPH fastball coming off an 87 MPH changeup and vice versa. It’s just not happening if my man’s tunneling, and, yeah, he could be a future Hall of Famer.

There’s at least a 50% chance we’re back here next year, as Eury Perez is only 19 years old. If he debuts at Triple-A this year, I could see him up by June. If he goes back to Double-A, and then goes to Triple-A, well, he only has so many bullets for this year to throw. They’re not going to let him throw 200 IP, or even 140. He was already shut down last year at one point with arm fatigue, and he only threw 77 IP, across two levels. What’s he going to throw this year, realistically, 110 IP? So, if the most optimistic MLB timetable has him getting 50 IP in the minors this year, he will have 60 IP left to throw in the majors. I’m so absolutely out-of-mind excited for him — I called him a future Hall of Famer! Ha! — but for 2023? I think we might need to chill. Of course, I will be grabbing him everywhere once he’s called up, but I doubt I will draft him anywhere. For 2023, I’ll give Eury Perez projections of 3-4/3.79/1.12/68 in 53 IP.

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