Feats of Strength, debauchery and food poisoning: my Single Speed ​​World Championship racing experience

Thanks to a global pandemic, the Durango cyclocross community, rallied by race director Dylan Stucki, had two years to perfect their game for the 2022 Single Speed ​​Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC). If a hard-as-nails cyclocross course, keg stand shortcuts, sketchy gap jumps, course larpers armed with pool noodles, flame throwers, string bands and all-night crowd surfing are your jam, then please do read on.

The SSCXWC requires a fine balance of partying to racing: Too much partying and your racing suffers, too much racing and you’ll quickly be shooed from the course by costume-clad fans armed with megaphones and an unlimited supply of Coors Light. As Carl Decker (not in attendance in 2022) said in a recent instagram post reminiscing about SSCXWC, “Have fun and make bad choices, everybody!”. That about sums it up.

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