First Run Back + GIFT GUIDE!!

First run back!

(Headband, coat, pants, shoes, gloves, long sleeve, socks)

It was so cold out that I actually paid attention to covering my ankles for the run.

IMG 8519 2

Some of us need a lot puffy/thick gloves in 19-degree weather, and others don’t need gloves at all… JENN?!

IMG 8521 2

That first run back always feels a little sluggish! I’m taking four days off this week (travelling), and I’ll do a few easy miles or the bike on the other days, but I’m going to wait a few weeks to do any speed.

IMG 8525 2

A huge highlight of our weekend was trying Swig’s Frozen Hot Chocolate. It was too good.

Brookie had indoor soccer, and Skye ran laps while we waited.

And we had to show the kids the lights at the Riverwoods.

The easiest nachos on the planet for dinner. BBQ sauce, rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, cheese, avocados, red onions, and chips. We didn’t even get plates out, we just all ate off the pan, ha.

We did a lot of baking to do an early Thanksgiving with family.

A Bountiful Kitchen’s banana cream pie is a MUST for us.


If you need some gifts for runners or ideas to put on your list, I have you covered:

*This is my go-to light when running in the dark. It clips on magnetically to your clothing, and you get to avoid wearing anything on your head:)

*My favorite sunglasses to run with.

*My training partner, Lauren, got me hooked on this one. It is the best massager, and you can move it around to any part of your body that needs TLC. I always use it on my hamstrings, and it feels so good.

*Another Lauren found, but PR Lotion… I used it on my last marathon and loved it. Either it works, or it is a placebo effect, but I’ll take either;)

*One of mine winter running gloves, and they are on sale this year!

*Also, loving these gloves.

*My #1 favorite sports bra… I have it in so many colors.

*I am obsessed with Liquid IV. I use it every single day of my life to help me stay hydrated and to get in electrolytes. Piña Colada and Strawberry are my favorite flavors, and the code HUNGRYRUNNERGIRL will get you free shipping and 25% off here!

*That recovery routine is so crucial for runners, and CORE POWER (code: 20HRGIRL will get you 20% off) is the easiest and most delicious way to get going on recovery.

*Give them some tools for their mental training! My favorite running books for this are: The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train and Thrive, Strong, Let Your Mind Runand How Bad Do You Want It? ROAR is also an incredible book to help women understand our bodies as athletes!

*My favorite arm warmers and only $11!

*My absolute favorite running tank and running shorts from Amazon. I wore this outfit in Boston!

*These are the little bottles I put in my shorts pockets for workouts/races.

*My theragun! The recovery tool I use by far the most, and it is so easy to travel with too.

*Best hair rubber bands ever.

*I’ve been using these ear warmers non-stop.

*My #1 running socks.

*This hat also has ear warmers is AMAZING.

*Koala Clip (HRG10 gets you 10% off!)! The absolute best way to take your phone on the run, and she personalizes them too, if you want.

*If they run with their dog, I love this leash while running with Beretta!

*I will forever love my water bottles—> The Stanley, The Simple Modern Bottle or Hydro Flask are my favorites. Oh, and this Tumbler is fantastic too.

*These little massage balls are awesome for your feet.

*The leggings I am obsessed with that are only $26… the colors, the materials, the pockets, and the fit are just awesome.

*The long sleeve $24 top that I love! It’s awesome, and they have so many colors to choose from too.

*My Hydration Vest is AMAZING, and I used it for all of my trail/ultra training and races.

*The best sandals to wear around the house (they have helped my plantar so much)

*My favorite handheld water bottle to keep your runner hydrated 🙂

*Andrew bought me this ran necklace a few years ago for Christmas!

*My favorite post-run sweatshirt to throw on for errands/stretching.

*My current favorite lululemon items I think everyone could love–> here, here, here, here and here.


And some gift ideas for women:

*Oprah’s list always has amazing items.

*My favorite coat ever in tan or black.

*My favorite face masks!

*Olaplex. My favorite hair product ever. My favorite shampoo and conditioner too. And this Hair scalp massager (so cheap, but it feels amazing)

*I have been wearing mine ugg slippers everywhere.

*I am a huge fan of winter boots, and these, these, these and these are my favorites.

*The best top coat and fingernail polish would make a great gift.

*This cast iron dutch oven is something I always use.

*Another kitchen need—> We use the air fryer daily.

*I am so in love with this blanket lately.

*The absolute greatest hot chocolate.

*My last 5 Madewell (favorite store for real clothes) purchases are here, here, here, here and here.

*I love beanies! These are my favorites–> HERE, here here and HERE!

*The sunglasses I use it often and always get a lot of questions about it!

*My absolute favorite cookbooks: Two Peas & Their Pod, Cook Once, Eat All Week, Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. and Run Fast. Eat Slow. Oh, and THIS is the best cookbook holder.

My gift guide for kids will be up tomorrow!

Christmas shopping… have you started? Are you done?

Did you run this last weekend?

What days off do you have this week if you are working?

Anything on your Christmas list?

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