Revel Big Bear Half Marathon (1:30.04)

I was excited and intrigued to run Revel Big Bear. Before that, I’d never run a downhill race and had my own preconceived notions about them. They were “easy and fast.”

The half I ran before was RnR San Jose, and I ran a 1:39.30. After getting the flu in May, running has not come easy to me. I’ve run my slowest half marathon times and had to stop and walk in my last two halves. I didn’t really have a goal for Revel Big Bear, just to do it, see what it was like, and have fun.

I was honored to run with Team Hylands, a brand I’ve liked for a while now. They do several teams for various races into many Revels, CIM, and even Philly Marathon. If you are interested, you can just follow their Instagram and apply if a race intrigues you. Typically they only do marathon runners, but they’ve recently opened it up to half marathoners too. It was my first time actually running with Team Hylands after getting injured the week before Big Cottonwood in 2019.

During miles 11 and 12, I focused on catching the next person ahead. And strangely enough, I was doing it. The last few miles of the Revel Big Bear Half Marathon are the flattest, but they were also my fastest. The race was taking a lot of carnage, and I saw many people walking or not having a good time. I can relate, as that’s been the story of my last few halves. But it was not my story that day, and I kept pressing on.

At mile 12, I realized I could maybe break at 1:30. I was shocked. I was also kind of mad at myself for using the bathroom at mile 2 (although I didn’t have to go). I just put the peddle to the medal and hoped for the best.

Then, we turned and headed into some headwind and a flat section. While it was only about a quarter of a mile, it was enough that I slowed down to around 7:10 pace. Interestingly enough, on Strava, it was also a segment, and I placed 10th overall. (my only Strava placement on this course)

Then we made one more turn, and you could see the finish line, over half a mile away. I gave it my best and just pushed as hard as I could. I averaged a 6:19 pace and crossed the Revel Big Bear Half Marathon in 1:30.04.

her race recap her friend ran a massive PR at a Revel race and then ran faster at a non-downhill race because she knew her legs could move that fast. I feel the same way. Sometimes it feels like I’m so far removed from running a 1:22 half marathon or even a 1:30 or a regular course, so it was nice to feel I could still run that pace. Do I now think I’m magically in 1:30 shape? LOL, no. If that were the case, I might have started this recap with I dropped 10 minutes from my half-time in a month.

I did think this was kind of fun. I gained 60 places from mile 1 to the finish. And I negative split. I should frame this because it probably won’t happen again. I don’t remember getting passed at all during the last mile, but I guess I did.

Anyway, I had a great time at Revel Big Bear Half Marathon, and I think they do a good job race-wise. The course is pretty scenic, the logistics and swag are good, and I just had a good time. Everyone should do a Revel race or a downhill race just to see what it’s like.

You can see Strava here and more race recaps here.

Questions for you:

Have you run the Revel Big Bear Half Marathon?

Have you ever run a downhill half marathon?

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