Six things I learned when testing winter cycling gloves

Early this year I made it clear that I wanted to take responsibility for our guide to the best winter cycling gloves. I felt like I wanted to share what I’ve learned while training through the winter. I didn’t seek out bad weather, or good weather, I just rode. My rule was that every Sunday my ride needed to be about 160 km/100 miles. That was it. It didn’t matter what the weather was, or how I felt that day, all that was important was that I left the house and spent the day riding. The side effect of that was a serious deep dive, around 2000km / 1240 miles, on the topic of winter riding.

In the American Pacific Northwest, it doesn’t often snow, but it does rain a lot. Almost every ride would be 6-7 hours of constant rain with temperatures ranging from 1-6 degrees C and keeping my hands warm was a constant battle. I saw some beautiful scenery and made some lasting memories, but I also learned a lot of lessons about gloves. Much of that knowledge is in the buyers’ guide, but there are also a number of more general concepts that I wanted to share. Keep reading if you are looking for information on how to keep your hands warm in the worst winter weather.

a snowy winter road

In the middle of a December ride near Mount Hood the rain turned to snow as I gained elevation (Image credit: Josh Ross)

1. There is no such thing as a waterproof glove

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