Top Black Friday Running Deals 2022

It’s the time of year where deals abound, but are they actually deals?? After testing lots of gear and watching prices, here are the top running gear deals for Black Friday.

In no specific order, here are some of the best deals I’ve found that will help your running! Many have started early, so I’ve tried to include date ranges where useful.

I have reached out to brands in advance, but will be updating the Black Friday running deals all week because people are rolling things out. AND of course the only real RTTF discounts ever given will be showing up on Cyber ​​Monday.

As always, if you see something that’s like I MUST HAVE IT, thanks for clicking through.

πŸ˜ƒ It’s like tipping your server because I often earn a few pennies on affiliate sales.

Black Friday Running Deals

Updating this list consistently as I receive new information, but I reached out to many of the brands I’ve reviewed over the years to know in advance!

RunToTheFinish editors review and select each product mentioned in the article independently. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn a commission which will help support our website. Learn more.

1. Running Shoes


Let’s start with Saucony who has a number of good things going on here from 11/23 – 12/2:

  1. 25% off full priced items
  2. 60% Off Endorphin Speed ​​2Pro 2, Shift 2 and Triumph 19 β€” OMG I run in a bunch of these, ask if you have questions, but great cushioned shoes.
  3. 11/28 ONLY – Spend $150+ and Get a $75 Gift Card with code CYBER2022


Starting their sale early, you can get in on some good deals through 11/25. Plus free shipping and free returns!

See all the sale items to filter down to what you need! Many are the previous and not the current model, but that never stopped me.

best treadmill running shoes


Variety of running shoes and gear that are marked down up to 40%.

You’ll find the Pegasus, Nike Infinity React and a variety of other commonly loved running shoes. Many are going to be older models to get the highest discount.

Random Models

2. Running Watches

Each year on Black Friday I have seen some of the best discounts on watches from a variety of brands. This year looks to be no exception!

If you’ve been on the hunt and reading all my posts looking for the best running watch, here are the ones on sale that I would recommend (NOTE SOME SALES WON’T SHOW UNTIL FRIDAY):

3. InsideTracker – Athlete Blood Testing

InsideTracker Discount Code: AMANDABF β€” will get you $200 off the Ultimate package or 34% off sitewide.

Go here to snag this deal >>
Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday

I talk a lot about the benefits of checking your blood as an athlete, but I know it can feel like an investment. It is.

It’s an investment in your health so that you can keep running strong and overall improve your health to have more energy, sleep better, have better skin…I mean all of it you can learn from your blood!

  • Figure out what foods would optimize your training
  • See what foods might help lower that cholesterol or boost that B12
  • BONUS for Run Clubbers, we can chat more about your findings in the group to help with ideas.

4. At Home Treadmill Deals

Many of you said this was big on your list and unfortunately this year the deals are slim.

They are sold out and back ordered and don’t need to run many deals.

But I found a few!!

  • The treadmill I recommend ALL THE TIME is $400 off β€” NordicTrack 1750 (this is the older model now)
  • Nordictrack 1750 current model with swivel screen is $200 off and that’s the best they’ll be doing β€” free shipping with Amazon. You can upgrade to get it delivered directly to the room you want and assembled!
  • Sole F80 (my recommended budget treadmill) is marked down $1,100
  • Nordictrack Bike – Half the price of a Peloton bike, lots of workouts and you can always pay $12 for the Peloton app. ($600 off)
  • Bowflex Treadmill 10 – $500 off + free shipping. This really is a great model that has both incline and DECLINE, which I love for training. It’s going to be sturdy and hit on what runners need.

Weights And Accessories

  • Bowflex 552 Select Tech Dumbbells – $80 off + Free shipping β€” massive win as this means you now have adjustable dumbbells that are truly going to allow you to push your strength. Rarely on sale.
  • Spin Bike – Now we’re 1/8th of the price of a Peloton and you can still use the app!

Treadmill and Strength Workout

5. Hydro Rowing Machine

We added this to our home gym in 2022 and it’s become a stellar part of our cross training. Not only is rowing a great full body low impact workout, but the classes keep both David and I going.

Beyond rowing there are Pilates and Yoga and other workouts that are going to help runners.

hydro wave discount

We have the Wave which is lighter and stands up to move out of the way! It now comes in a variety of colors which is AWESOME and this is the first time they’ve ever run a discount.

  • Hydrow Original – $500 off + get a free On the Mat kit (worth $180) = TOTAL SAVING $680
  • Hydrow Wave incl. x4 Wave of Colors (New Products) – $150 + get a free On the Mat kit (worth $180) PLUS a free Machine Mat (worth $90) = TOTAL SAVING = $420

See the deals >>

6. Previnex

We had a huge discussion about this on Instagram the other day, but stop taking supplements of low quality.

And yes almost all runners can benefit from probiotics to improve gut health, which improves immune health…and Fish oil because it helps inflammation!

After lots of research and reviewing things like Consumer Labs, Previnex is the brand I use. It’s the only fish oil that doesn’t make my stomach hurt.

Checkout their Black Friday 20% off deals and use code RTTFBF>>
Good through 12/1

  • Probiotics (I use daily)
  • Fish Oil (incredible for helping inflammation, I use daily)
  • Joint Health (David has been using and helping his hands after all those breaks)
  • Nourify Meal Replacement Shake
  • Multivitamin and Brain health

7. FORS Cryo-Therm Massage Gun!!

I kind of scoffed at these for a while thinking eehhh people probably don’t really use it.

Then I got mine and guess what I use it every single day and in fact my PT recommended it as we were working on my hips. This one stands out from everything else on the market for a few reasons I’ll share below

  • Sitewide 30% off – best discount I’ve ever seen on this
  • Includes all of their creams as well which are designed to further help with pain

FORS massager

This one is unique to others on the market because it has a metal head that gets both hot and cold! It also has a vibration setting which is key for dealing with pain.

  • One of the only massagers to come with steel heads, so you can apply pain relief cream to work deeper in to the muscle
  • For me it’s more of a vibration therapy tool than a deep tissue application
  • As I quickly learned the steel will GLIDE over your clothing where the rubber balls often get caught or bunch up
  • It’s truly QUIET. Like I can use it in the same room while my husband watches TV quietly

8. Eastern Standard Provisions Pretzels and Waffles

YESSSSS CARBS!!!!! We tested out a box last month and now I was just waiting for the Black Friday sale to kick in so I could send one to my parents.

11/17 to 11/28 they will be doing 50% off holiday boxes.

See all the gift boxes >>

$99 to $34 BEFORE the discount!

Seriously, send these to the runner friends and family you won’t get to see. It’s way cheaper at that discount than most other holiday boxes. (and definitely include the chocolate sauce OMG. ok and also the chunky salt, David said it made the pretzels perfection.)

runner holiday food box

Bonus Food: Core Power

Yes, the lactose free drink you see me using all the time on the go post workout!

Code: 20RTFINISH is good for 20% off via this link through the end of December.

Only valid on 1 order per person and you’ll put the code in during checkout.

9. Running Clothes and Accessories

  • LULULEMON – All the Align Tights (winter and with phone pocket), a bunch of short sleeves and tanks and the Rain Chaser Jacket are $20-$30 off. So good, but nothing mind blowing.
  • Athleta – Offering a 20% off discount. They actually have tights that are long enough and some good winter options, so a worthwhile discount.
  • Ibex is all about merino!! Yes, the stuff that wicks away the sweat to keep you feeling warm in winter and cool in summer. 20% off sidewide. I love their shirts and underwear for running, next year they have a seamless sports bra coming and I CANNOT wait.
  • Craft Sportswear is 30% orders of $100 β€” I have raved about them wind blocking mittens and running tights. Top quality gear that lasts and lasts.
  • Patagonia to Smartwool – Variety of running gear up to 40% off men’s and women’s – use filters to find what’s left in your size

10. Running Accessories

Jaybird Vista 2 Wireless Earbuds

See current deal >>

35% off normal dropping them to $99

These are the earbuds you see me running day in and day out. I’ve used them for years now and find them to be both comfortable and with a great battery life. Their longevity makes the price worth it for me.

jaybird vista

  • Active noise canceling and AWARENESS – so that means it let’s in all sounds and it’s like you don’t have them in
  • Super long battery life
  • Earbuds can be tracked like find my phone

Aftershokz are also about $30 off…not nearly as good of a deal.

Bose Tempo frames are 50% off! I have done a review of these sunglasses with audio because David really enjoys them with the bike helmet.

Oakley Sunglasses

HAAA last minute add because I get questions about what sunglasses I’m wearing alllll the time and I never see these marked down!

Oakley Frogskin Clear – 30% off at $99

They don’t fog up, and well I just like the way they look ha!


  • Biolite – Excellent headlamps25% off
  • Resilience CBD – Yup, I have used their oil for years to help recovery and sleep. The gummies are my go to on a stressful day, 25% off everything!!

CBD Sports Cream Benefits

Lever Movement

A lot of you were stoked about the idea of ​​an anti-gravity treadmill option at home to recover from injuries. Right now you can jump on this system with up to 30% off.

That’s over $200 off the frame itself.

And 100% because this is portable you could buy and share with your running club friends! Pass it around to get the most use. I busted mine out this morning due to some knee pain from a very poorly chosen workout class.

Lever Running Review

11. Small Business By Runners for Runners

I asked on IG for anyone you knew with a small business that had gear we needed to know about! It’s not always easy because it’s harder as a small business to run big sales (I KNOW).

  • Erica Sara Designs – 10% off with code GRATITUDE. I bought a bracelet that says runtothefinish, not because I’m a total narcissist, but because it’s actually a reminder to me not to quit. November 23-28th
  • Sarah Marie Design Studio – It’s fair to say you see me in one of her sweatshirts in about 80% of the videos where I’m talking…I like people knowing I’m a runner, ha!

running bracelet



When you ask what helps me keep my skin looking even and get rid of brown spots at 39, it’s this. The Overnight resurfacing peel and the Vvitamin C serum and moisturizer.
15% off right now!!!

Make sure to select me when you order.


By now it is no secret that I appreciate healthy meal delivery kits. This is already one of the most budget friendly options for ready to heat and eat meals, so a deal is an extra bonus. Minimum order is $47, weekly delivery although you can easily pause or cancel.

This link will get you $100 for your first 4 boxes.

If there is a deal we need to know about, drop it below!

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