Tourism Authority of Thailand hosts two-day golf roadshow

Thailand’s Ambassador to India, Ms Pattarat Hongthong (centre) with TAT Delhi office director Vachirachai Sirisumpan (far right) and representatives of golf courses in Thailand at the TAT golf roadshow at the Qutab Golf Course last week.

By Rahul Banerji

Promoting Thailand as a golf destination for Indian visitors, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) held a two-day golf roadshow in the capital last week.

Representatives of courses from Bangkok and Phuket, two of the Kingdom’s biggest destinations for the game, were on hand to share details of what made each of them a unique experience.

With over 250 active golf courses – more than India has to offer incidentally – Thailand has for long been a first overseas destination of choice for Indian golfers venturing overseas.

Proximity is a major selling point – most Indian cities are no more than four to five hours flying time away from Bangkok, the kingdom’s largest airport.

Whether by the sea, around the capital itself or in the uplands of northern Thailand, there is a vast variety of destinations to choose from.

Add to that good infrastructure, reasonable prices and well-trained caddies and operators’ staff, it gives the visitor more bang for the buck than many other options for traveling golfers looking for variety.

Open for business

Speaking on the first day of the roadshow at the Qutab Golf Course, Thailand’s Ambassador to India, Ms Pattarat Hongthong, made the point that previously existing restrictions had all been lifted and the Kingdom was now open for business.

“With both visa on arrival and pre-applied visas now available, Thailand is fully geared up to welcome tourists and we have already seen the numbers climbing towards pre-Covid times, Ms Parrarat said.

“We thank our Indian partners who have been working closely with us for many years and supporting Amazing Thailand. Thailand is fully open and ready to welcome guests from India returning to Thailand once again.

“I am sure that given out great variety of not only golf courses but also culture and cuisine, it will be an experience to remember both for the first-time visitor as well as for repeat guests,” she added.

Said TAT Delhi office director Vachirachai Sirisumpan, “From the beach resorts in the south such as Phuket to the mountainous surroundings of Chiang Mai in the north or the bustling cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, there are golf courses to suit every preference.

“We have seen good numbers of visitors already now that Covid restrictions are fully removed and the visa experience is an easy one.

“Thailand also has the added attraction of being close by, has much to offer for travelers with different experiences in mind and is well known for its hospitality and friendliness,

Vachirachai Sirisumpan of TAT (right) and Anil Dev of SLW, partners of the Thai Golf Pass program at the Delhi Golf Club event.

Good numbers

“We have welcomed almost seven lakh Indian tourists between January and October this year, Proximity and direct connectivity helps and we see many golfers making visits to different parts of Thailand from Chiang Mai to Phuket.”

The event was attended by more than a hundred attendees from the golf travel trade. Special offers for the participants and presentations were made by the Red Mountain Golf Club in Phuket and the Riverdale Golf Club in Bangkok.

The Delhi Golf Club hosted the roadshow on the second day with the participation of the popular Thai Golf Pass loyalty program as a partner as well. A round of golf was played on both days.

The event at both golf courses was followed by prize distribution and a lucky draw in which winners get a chance to play at some of the attending courses in Thailand.

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