Weekly Run Down: Is it Summer, Spring or Fall?

Happy Sunday! I hope that everyone had a great week and enjoyed this crazy weather. Here’s how my workouts went this week:

Monday, November 7

Kendrick Lamar Shadowboxing 11/2/22 – Kendall (20 minutes)
Kendrink Lamar Boxing Stretch 11/2/22 – Kendall (10 minutes)
Orangetheory Fitness (60 minutes)
Moulin Rouge 9/21/22 – Tobias (30 minutes)

#nevermissamonday! I like the shadowboxing classes because even though they are low impact, I still work up a sweat. I really enjoyed the OTF template – lots of switching between stations, sprints on the treadmill and load and explode moves for the strength section. I also hit my 4 year workout streak with Peloton. That was a nice surprise to kick off the week!

Unfortunately my blog was down for most of the day and it finally came back Monday night, but a little too late for me to do a post for Tuesday Topics.

Tuesday, November 8

Kendrick Lamar Bike Bootcamp 11/2/22 – Jess (30 minutes)
Flash 15 8/13/21 – Jess (15 minutes)
R&B Walk 11/3/22 – Jess (15 minutes)
Kendrick Lamar Run 11/3/22 – Jermaine (30 minutes)

Loved this bike bootcamp! I had heard good things about it from a few people online and they were 100% right. The run was also good too and the Flash 15 class almost killed me – as usual 🙂

Happy Election Day! I decided to split up my workout so that I could vote early in the morning. I normally try to go between 6:30-7:30am to avoid the lines. Luckily I was in and out within 5 minutes. Also congratulations to my state for finally giving us the chance to vote on implementing early voting in Connecticut. I’m not surprised that it passed. I am a firm believer that if Election Day is not a national holiday, then early voting must be offered as an option.

Wednesday, November 9

Saturday60: Pop Bootcamp 10/22/22 – Jess (60 minutes)
Cool Down Walk 5/9/22 – Jess K (10 minutes)
Kendrick Lamar Ride 11/2/22 – Cliff (45 minutes)

Another “fun” Saturday60 bootcamp! Seriously, it wasn’t that bad actually. She was nice and gave a few small breaks throughout the class. Cliff’s ride was really good – he had so much energy and you could tell he was really into the ride. He even rapped along to some of the songs.

Wednesday was also my company’s first Global Volunteer Day. It was great to have the day off to volunteer. I spent most of the morning helping to stock shelves at my local soup kitchen and food pantry, and then I did some virtual volunteering for a local non-profit in the afternoon.

Thursday, November 10

Full Body Strength: Live From Home 6/25/20 – Jess (30 minutes)
Orangetheory Fitness – Shot Clock (60 minutes)
Our Future Selves Run: Kenny Chesney 9/27/22 – Denis (30 minutes)

I have to say, Kenny Chesney is pretty cool. I learned more about him during this run and I really like his mentality when it comes to exercise and it was nice to hear more about his philanthropic work too.

Orangetheory partnered with NCCA Women’s Basketball player Aliyah Boston, to make a custom designed workout called “Shot Clock”. I really enjoyed it because it was something different, especially a lot of the drills during the strength section. I hope that OTF does more of these custom workouts in the future.

Friday, November 11

Our Future Selves Run: Thomas Rhett 10/18/22 – Becs (30 minutes)
Kendrick Lamar Ride 11/2/22 – Tunde (30 minutes)
Orangetheory Fitness (60 minutes)

I am enjoying all of the Our Future Selves runs because it’s nice to learn more about these musicians/celebrities. The OTF template was rough, especially the tread portion. Everyone said it felt like a leftover Hell Week template, lol.

Saturday, November 12

Veteran’s Day Ride 11/11/22 – Camila (20 minutes)
Veteran’s Day Run 11/11/22 – Marcel D (30 minutes)
Armistice Day Run 11/11/22 – Susie (30 minutes)
Carly Rae Jepsen Yoga Flow 11/12/22 – Kristin (30 minutes)

I couldn’t do the Veteran’s Day classes live on Friday so I opted to do them today. They were all really good. I love that Peloton offers these types of classes. The yoga class felt great after those two runs.

Sunday, November 13

LOL Cody 11/10/22 – Cody (30 minutes)
Carly Rae Jepsen Ride 11/12/22 – Cody (30 minutes)
Carly Rae Jepsen Cool Down Ride 11/12/22 – Leanne (10 minutes)
Carly Rae Jepsen Upper Body Strength 11/12/22 – Callie (20 minutes)

I spent all morning running a bunch of errands so I got a little bit of a late start on this workout. This stack was so-so. The LOL ride was okay, but Carly Rae looked a bit uncomfortable on the bike. The Carly Rae Jepsen rides were fun but the upper body strength wasn’t that great.

Running – 20.5 miles
Cycle – 38.14 miles
Bootcamp – 60 minutes
Strength Training – 65 minutes
Orangetheory Fitness – 180 minutes
Peloton Artist Series Classes – 861/864

On Saturday I hit 365 meals donated via the Vizer app. I know I have talked about this app before, but it’s such an easy way to give back. Vizer is an exercise rewards app that allows you to donate meals and earn points towards rewards at local businesses. As long as you log 30 minutes of activity or walk 10,000 steps a day, you can donate a meal for your workout.

…and now for this week’s memes.

Thanks to Deborah for this one!

That’s it! I hope you had a great week 🙂

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